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Florent Gorges

in Paris

My name is Florent Gorges, I live in Paris France. I'm doing marketing support and collecting information in Europe for about one year as an European correspondent for Mistwalker. My main occupation is translation and interpretation of Japanese and French in France, it was a miraculous accident for someone who is also doing the publication of a game related book could have this relationship with Mistwalker.

July 14th 2008, It is Bastille Day. An annual military parade was being performed on the Champs-Élysées main street in Paris. I wasn't very interested, although my friend who was visiting from Japan said he would like to see the parade. When I was walking along with my friend, the main street was unusually crowded, that's when I saw his face in the crowd right in front of me.... It was Mr. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the game creator!

I thought "Maybe he is in Paris on vacation and it would be disrespectful to approach him..." But, my friend who said "It's a great chance to meet and ask him for an autograph! Excuse me!" and he approached him. I tried to stop him, but it was already too late. I greeted Mr. Sakaguchi who stopped for us and he kindly received my business card. Mr. Sakaguchi nicely said "Your Japanese is really good, I will contact you if I need an interpreter next time." I thought at the time it was just his social etiquette. I imagined a business card of a strange French man he spoke with in town would go straight to trash can at the end of the day. Even if he throws it away, it was still great experience to talk with Mr. Sakaguchi. I was very happy.

But to my surprise, that night, email from Mr. Sakaguchi came to my mailbox! It said "Do you know where I can buy a cable which I forgot in Japan for the software development kit I brought in order to work in Paris?". I luckily had a cable he needed so I dropped it off to lend it to Mr. Sakaguchi, and he even treated me with a good meal. He contacted me after that as well and now I am working as a current Paris correspondent.

That day, if my friend didn't say he wanted to go see the parade, if my friend didn't approach Mr. Sakaguchi, if Mr. Sakaguchi didn't forget the cable or if Mr. Sakaguchi found the cable without my help, I think I wouldn't be writing about me here today. I'd like to exert myself in order not to forget many incident piled up that day and gratitude to Mr. Sakaguchi who sent me an email, I will do my best to deliver useful European information!