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CreatorKimihiko Fujisaka

Kimihiko Fujisaka

Artist of Mistwalker

My name is Fujisaka and I’m an artist. I’m currently being challenged with Mistwalker’s new project. This illustration has nothing to do with it, but it’s a single drawing I did recently.

My illustrations and designs keep piling up without seeing the light of day. It happens a lot, but I think of it like medals of honor from battle. The project I had been working on never made it through to completion, and the one thing that I really realized was that I was very disappointed in my lack of skill. I’m also very sorry for the people who were hoping the project would get done; how can I make up for those expectations…

What I can do is put my entire heart into the titles that are put on my plate. Keep striving to create things where you’d think, “That was fun!” I think it’s all that matters. It’s very fortunate that I was able to work on a new project. From this point on is very crucial. I’m gonna keep at it.