Last updated 2011-02-26


Composing with loop

Finally calmed down   2/16/11

The related work after the release of the last story has been finally calmed down. Meanwhile, it’s already the middle of February. I have been taking pictures of the early morning sky and the spring colors have started to show.

I composed the music using the software called “Logic” by compiling loops which I couldn’t do when I was busy with game development. The reason for starting this was I wanted to add my own music to the interval photography footage of the sky which I made several times. I have not composed a song since high-school. I thought it would be difficult, but since loop is the base, I can compose without stress. I can finish to a certain degree in about an hour for a song including the tune up. This is fascinating.

Here are the two videos with the music by me. One is the dance of “Arsenic aliens “a popular character within myself and the cloud shape of a heart for Valentine’s day.
By the way, for those who don’t know, Arsenic alien character was born from NASA’s announcement of the Arsenic creature discovery, and surge of enthusiasm and also the disappointment after the actual news; it’s my own Lego character.

Dance of Arsenic Aliens

Valentine's Heart