Last updated 2011-02-26


LEGO Robot 2

My eyes are slightly tired...  1/7/10


This is the black version of the Lego robot.
I was waiting in order to take a photo with the morning glow since I haven’t done in a while, but the sky was cloudy. Unfortunately the light never showed. So instead, I took a photo of the view from on top of my desk. The picture looked totally different from what I wanted. But I was pleased with the result of my photo and how beautiful the way the green light of my router is blurred in a background...

The number of accesses to this site has jumped, since various sites have linked to us after I posted my New Years greeting, update on the new project and a little bit about the development for iPhone. I'm very thankful. But now, I have a little tension toward writing updates here. It's kind of a strange feeling.

My eyes are hurting looking at the screen... Maybe they are just tired.
I hit on a good idea for not working today.
Oh that's right, maybe I can try the FF13 game Kitase gave me. I'm also interested in playing Zelda for DS or the game software for Avatar I bought for research purposes and it's still unopened… But wait. Then my eyes are going to get even more tired… (^^;