Last updated 2011-02-26


LEGO Robot 3

While waiting for download   1/31/10


"The Last Story” has finally been announced.
This is my only project because I am concentrating on this particular one right now. This project is like a child of the development staff who gave all of their affections, this project was raised like a only daughter, but sometimes she was forcedly pushed into the abyss of ravine… She's sturdy, beautiful and I'd like to nurture her gently.

Pictured above are the Legos I put together while waiting. The Internet is slow in Hawaii, so it takes about 1 hour to download a development build. In the mean time, this was created when I was playing around with some Lego parts. It has become my favorite.
Is it almost done...? It feels like I’m waiting for the dish to finish being baked. I have to organize the data a little, and put on my reading glasses then stare it down while concentrating on the testing from the beginning of the game. I will make the best of it…

Screen shot 2010-01-31 at 5.04.54 PM.jpg
This is my new reading glasses.
Hum. Do they make me look like an old man (?)

A little improvement at a later time