Last updated 2011-02-26


Lego Fighter

Tsunami Arrival   2/28/10

Palm size Lego. A pod is attached on the butt to have an insect feel to it. I am proud of this one because of the gear you can see from the crack. (^_^; Small ones like these only take 15 minutes to make so it's perfect for a little break for me. It may be an excuse, but I think I can concentrate more.

There was a Tsunami scare this morning. I got a warning message from Nariken saying that, "Tsunami is coming!" when I logged on to Twitter after I woke up this morning. The news on the web seemed like it was coming with considerable probability, so I got my family up immediately and went to secure some water. The time of the disaster is like a typhoon, often causes blackouts and cut off water supply for a long time in Hawaii. Tsunami passed the islands of Hawaii with about 2 meters of waves. It must have been difficult predicting something like this with the forecast technology in this area.

There was a live report on the television showing the ocean every minute. Eyes are focused on the spot right before the horizon... then I thought; hey this is just like waiting for the wave while surfing. Speaking of which, I didn't know how big the wave was going to be when I first started by just looking at the small lump which appears far away in the ocean. But suddenly I could grasp it as a sense from experience after 2 to 3 years . It's really strange. Then, I could be able to see if the swell will move to the right or left. It's simple to say but, is this "the experimental rule"? Well, I think of this once again that you have to take your time and slowly polish your senses. It is " Perseverance leads to success".