Last updated 2011-02-26


A cloudy sky

Global warming...?  2009.3.6

I was in Japan for two weeks and have just returned to Hawaii.
Usual cloudly sky. Seems the weather has been like this for a while. The week earlier was strong winds, so I think it makes it three continuous weeks. Slightly strange weather. Definitely global warming. Come to think of it, it snowed during my stay in Japan, even though it was March.

These days I feel the hard economic times are a kind act for the planet to restrain human activity. Economic activity is as important as blood flowing. However, the blood should be flowing smoothly, which I suppose means the quality of what flows in that stream must be as important.

There is a lot of business behind creating a game, yet I would like to keep 51% towards “creation” rather than “merchandise.” I feel it shouldn’t go over 75%, though.
Setting sights on where the good blood flows.