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I Wish I Could Dance...  2009.7.23

I can't dance.
No really, I can't dance at all. I was always involved in playing music ( I took piano lessons since I was five years old). Well, I was kind of forced to take them (^^; ), but even now while listening to audio, I naturally cut to the rhythm. But I still can't dance.

I often come across people in Europe and America who casually dance. When music is playing at a park on Sunday, people suddenly begin to dance. I feel envious since they seem happy and fully enjoying their life. That's awesome – though I wish I could dance myself...

Times like this I feel there should be many techniques to express my feelings. Dance, drawing, singing, writing programs, being able to play all sorts of instruments, tennis, belonging to members of a soccer and baseball team, and being able to write a novel as a hobby...hmm, the way things are now, they feel so out of reach. In my forties, I guess I'll try and learn something new. Even then, I think I still won't be able to 'dance.' (^^;