Last updated 2011-02-26


Mac Strikes Back

Using Mac after a long time 2  2009.12.3


This is a continued report about Mac. I was slightly worried that whether I could use my Mac or not, for me it's "Mac Strikes Back". But this iMac 27 inch really cast the thoughts aside. This machine, OS and tools are really good.

First, it's about image processing and movie editing. iPhoto is made quite well. I never wanted to use any picture tools to manage my photos before, but this one may be good to use. Every retouch tool I usually use are all in Mac, and it's very convenient that it reduces the size uniformly and extract for creating movies from editing continuous shots. It's a small thing, but UI makes the file name a sequential number and is also made really well. And I like Final Cut Express. When I use the Windows base tool, it usually hangs in the middle of work and made me worried during editing, but this is very stable. I think it's because of the machine but it's really fast and smart. It easily takes something like 2000 images in 1/6 of a second per frame.
It's good, indeed.. It truly is the graphics of MAC.

I also change the web editing tool to Mac edition since the version I was using needed to be upgraded. The FTP related tools I usually use is also existed in Mac. I thought it felt the same when I tried and used the Mac version, but when I tried the Windows version, I notice that the design around the Windows UI is dowdy and I reach the conclusion that MAC is "Better".

The text editor. This is quite important for me. And also the mail software. I used to use the tool called JEdit and the upgraded version was still there. Moreover it's very easy to use. I try and used Thunderbird just before the release of version 3 but after all, basic version was easier to use. When I use HTML, the result looks like "It was written in MAC.", so I decided to only use it when writing text-based.

Since Photoshop (element), iTune and Quicktime are original for MAC, I didn't have any problem. The Quicktime professional edition used to cost money but it was already included from the beginning. I was impressed by the conversion feature extracts a file for 1080p and iPhone very easily, because I had been using various tools so far. MWV can be played with free software. But the decoder for MPEG2 still needs to be purchased. Now that is slightly painful.

Finally, the special tools I need to use for work related. There are few tools which only works in Windows XP. This problem was settled by installing XP on the virtual machine software called Parallels. A virtual PC was slow and wasn't useful before, but the machine performance is so good that it doesn't make me feel that at all. It can be simply copied in each OS territory by drag & drop between the windows. The identical hard disk is recognized, so it should be happening but, still it's wonderful that you can't feel two different OS are running at the same time.

Everything about Mac is great.
Can I keep using it just as it is...?

Well, One thing I don't like about it is the keyboard layout.
I thought typing small "I" in Japanese was only typing "xi", but this could also be "li" by changing the system setting, so it's no problem. Last thing is what my finger remembers "copy" = "control + C". This can also be changed by changing the setting of a command key, but if I do that, then I make a mistake when I use "command+Q". It was a mistake to use Mac keyboard with converter software when using Windows. My finger has remembered the convenient commands for both OS.
(I was using for a copy "control + C", Quit "command+Q" and Language switch "command + space")
Well, these are special ones so it is inevitable....my habit on my fingers has to be carefully modified from now on (^^;