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Use of Copyrighted Materials

The Mistwalker Corporation ("Corporation") is excited to see the original content generated by the community through our games and brands. Our Objective is to support the creation of such fan-content for noncommercial usage, such as fan websites, strategy guides, and videos. Applicable Games (1) are listed below, and their corresponding Copyrighted Materials (2), including but not limited to, in-game screens, music, images on our websites, as well as the assets found on said websites.

When using Mistwalker's Copyrighted Materials on your homepage, blog, SNS, external websites or videos, we ask you be mindful of the Conditions (3). By uploading any Copyrighted materials, you agree to the conditions outlined below.

(1) Applicable Games


(2) The Copyrighted Material may not be used for commercial or exploitative purposes, such as printing books or T-shirts with the intent of selling them at a profit. Note, partnership revenue generated from video streaming websites such as YouTube or Twitch will not be considered "exploitative" purposes.

(3) Content uploader agrees to the following Conditions:

The Copyrighted Material will not be used with the intent of inflicting harm or slandering another party or person.

Excessive alteration or changes will not be made to the Copyrighted Materials.

Materials that have not been announced or released for sale from the Corporation will not be used.

Remove the Copyrighted Material if the Corporation requests you to do so.

(4) Music data may not be used in the following capacities: in videos where the sole purpose is to listen to the music OR as a music-only file.

(5) When using Copyrighted Materials or Content in any capacity, be sure to include the following copyright in an easily visible place:



(6) Any user-generated content that includes Mistwalker brands may be used by the Corporation for promotional purposes on its official website or social media channels without requiring permission or approval from the content's generator.

(7) The Corporation does not guarantee that abiding by the aforementioned rules and guidelines will completely indemnify the content-generator, as there may be partnership-content or 3rd party content that is beyond the Corporation's control. The content-creator assumes all 3rd party risk involved with using the Corporation's Copyrighted Materials.


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