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CreatorNobuo Uematsu

Nobuo Uematsu
Photo by Shinjiro Yamada

Cherry Blossoms and Brontosaurus

The cherry blossom season has come. Rows of cherry trees along the Tama River have also begun to don their beautiful color. Beginning with the peach blossom and going until this season of cherry blossoms, there is a custom in Japan in which we admire the flowers and go cherry blossom-viewing. Though, there must be a secret in the color of those flowers, wouldn't you say?

Doesn't the light, pale pink of the peach and cherry petals hint at a distant dreamscape, away from everyday existence? That gentle color, which sees nothing of the harshness of reality, or cold-heartedness, makes you think of a fantastic dream world, like what I can call "Tougenkyo" (a mythological land). Taking a walk while blanketed in soft pink, and drinking together under that color above, may be the happiest escape for people in Japan since times long past.

For this, the color bright red doesn't really work. White lacks romance, while yellow gives slightly too strong an impression. That light, neutral color without kin is actually very nice, though. Moreover, when the petals flutter when they're blowing in the wind, it makes you feel like you've suddenly traveled back in time to the Heian Period. Elegant, isn't it? Shall I compose a song?

By the Tama River ~
Beneath the cherry tree ~
A tent of blue ~
The people living there ~
Pay their taxes ~

Huh? That reminds me, when dinosaurs were thundering about the earth, the plants were only fern-type plants, right? I wonder, were there flowers yet?

A tyrannosaurus stomps and tramples about, his feet buried by red, yellow, and blue flowers, and a brontosaurus sticks his long neck out of a forest of cherry trees… I just imagined that, and it completely changed the image we have of dinosaurs. But I wonder... they might have even elegantly composed a song or two...

A dinosaur ~ isn't scary ~
However ~
Watch out for Tyrannosaurus~
Cause he eats meat ~

(Too Many Syllables to Rhyme) by Brontosaurus