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Surfing is one of my hobbies and I’m pleased to make it an iOS game.
When the surf is small and many are surfing, surfers sometime catch the same wave and call out “Party Wave!”
When I heard those voices, I decided to make this game where game players can experience the fun of surfing together.
Hope many people enjoy it. (H.Sakaguchi)

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The second iOS game from Mistwalker Corporation is a tower defense real-time strategy game.
Set up units with different capabilities to prevent invasion by enemy aliens.
Take advantage of maneuvering units, BLADEs.
Start attacking enemy aliens and their nests by releasing BLADEs from transportations.
Transform BLADEs into spherical shape and roll them around on stages
using gyro sensor in order to defeat enemies.
New style of tactical defense game with attacking elements.
Use BLADEs skillfully and prevent mass alien attacks.

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action RPG for Wii
Nintendo / Mistwalker